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Checkpoint 360™

(Sample reports are in PDF format - click here if you do not have
the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer)

  • Checkpoint Feedback Sample Report
    This report summarizes the results of the CheckPoint surveys that you, your boss, direct reports and peers will have completed. The job performance scores you received are presented in graphs and numeric scales. A variety of skill areas are covered. In a progression of increasingly detailed skills, the CheckPoint System assesses 8 major Universal Management Competencies, which break down into 18 Skill Sets, which encompass all 70 survey items. Scores are determined by the 5-point scale used on the CheckPoint Survey.

  • Checkpoint Organizational Management Sample Report
    The Organizational Management Analysis (OMA) is designed to summarize the information from all of the CheckPoint 360 individual feedback reports generated on the group selected. The individual feedback reports identified the Managers strengths and areas needing improvement. CheckPoint 360 is a professional development tool which measures skills that positively impact a Manager's growth. It measures a manager's competencies, which are verified from a variety of perspectives, and pinpoints ways to enhance skills. CheckPoint is an ongoing process that can be utilized at key intervals to monitor performance. It assesses professional development by measuring 70 factors in eight performance areas crucial to effective job performance.

  • Checkpoint 360 Competency Feedback System Comparison Sample Report
    T his report summarizes the results of the CheckPoint surveys that you, your boss, direct reports and peers recently completed and compares your previous Checkpoint to the current Checkpoint.


All assessments are administered by Profiles International™ and are ADA, Civil Rights and EEOC compliant. Assessments are available on line and in several languages. Results are delivered immediately.

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