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(Sample reports are in PDF format - click here if you do not have
the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer)

  • PXT Sample Individual Report
    Behavioral science has proven that the most successful people are those who know themselves, both their own strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this report is to help the individual identify and make full use of his/her strengths, and to help develop an awareness of any areas that could be limiting his/her effectiveness.

  • PXT Candidate Matching Sample Report
    This report provides a comparison of selected candidates to a specified position. This information will help organize your interviews when more than one candidate is being considered for the same job. The Job Match Percent shown with each candidate represents their match to the position. This report will provide interview questions and information for use in the interview. Please note that this report does not measure or consider candidates’ education, training, or experience, nor does it consider job skill requirements.

  • PXT Job Profile Summary Sample Report
    This report provides a brief profile of the total person.

  • PXT Sample Coaching Report
    The coaching report for Sally Sample provides information that can be helpful in managing, motivating, and coaching Sally for increased productivity.

  • PXT Sample Placement Report
    This report provides information about Sally Sample, presented in a manner to help you judge her match with a selected position in your organization. Every employable person will match some positions better than other types of work.

  • PXT Succession Planning Sample Report
    Career pathing or succession planning is important to employee satisfaction as well as to positive organizational growth. Knowing where people may fit in the future can also help you design your training for them.

All assessments are administered by Profiles International™ and are ADA, Civil Rights and EEOC compliant. Assessments are available on line and in several languages. Results are delivered immediately.


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